Weekly progress, eleventh week of 2021

Another week where I did not make any progress since work was super busy, but I published one blogpost about the resources I like /recommend for learning frontend development.

My weekly progress, sixth week of 2021

attended WomenWhoCode meetup on Tuesday despite being sick the entire week finished React tutorial for building a task tracker app started building a login flow in React that I had previously built with Vanilla JS. I want to document the process in a blogpost and it takes me much longer than anticipated

My weekly progress, second week of 2021

Published a blogpost about destructuring Published a blogpost about constructor functions Participated in my first CodeNewbie twitter chat and made some new connections Attended my weekly WWC meetup on Tuesday Started to use Anki cards daily, something I wanted to make a habit for a long time. I’m currently working through my ES6 and JavaScript… Continue reading My weekly progress, second week of 2021